5 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies

5 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies

Facebook is a huge website with people connected across the globe through it. It definitely is a huge platform for marketing companies to place their advertisement. Millions of people can be accessed through just facebook.

It is essential to understand as to where to place the advertisements or how to market the products or services on facebook.


A fan page should be created for the product or the services. All the details regarding the same should be uploaded using attractive language and impressive content. Mere filling the details does not help. The fan page should publish new posts related to the product on a regular basis as it earns more likes and attracts more comments.


Facebook provides the opportunity to the professional account holders to market their products or services by a meagre payment. Imagine getting connected to millions of people just for charges as small as 6$.


Facebook allows bulk emailing to attract clients and marketing of products. The emails are sent to direct facebook messages section of the account holders. This increases the chances of the person reading it rather than simply scrolling through the posts. These emails generate more inquiries than meager posts.


Placing ads in relevant locations always delivers favourable results. For eg. The Advertisement for Samsung Galaxy S3 was placed in the fan page of Samsung Galaxy S2. This proved to be a masterstroke. Samsung Galaxy S3 indeed turned out to be the most successful mobile phone of 2012. Advertisement spaces cost to the advertiser; hence selection of the location to place an add should be strategic and enticing for the people to know more about the product or its service.


People with similar interests, form a group on facebook. These groups can be targeted to market the product or services. For eg. The groups related to Information Technology can be targeted for PC Softwares, Latest Graphic Cards etc.

Facebook provides plenty of opportunities for a business to blossom, just the right kind of vision is needed to exploit such opportunities.

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