Social Media Marketing Plan India

Social Media Marketing Plan India

Before planning for your business marketing plan the important thing is develop the business case which will describe why customer should get attract on it. It shows many points which are very supportive for a marketing planner to expand the marketing plan and developing the contents those will help you to advertise your products online.

The calculation of traffic on facebook is huge. Around 175 millions of users login of facebook everyday out of which around 44% users use phone devices to access internet. Every month around 4 billion videos are being watched on YouTube. You will find a curve incremental graph if you see the user login graph online from any search engine optimisation site. So the easiest way to reach to a huge consumer mass with your product through social media network likes facebook, Twitter etc.

Fan Page at Facebook

So your primary job is generating a marketing page on facebook. Create a fan  page particularly for your product. There your fan can share many comments, photos etc. to find a high rate growth also you can organise some special events by highlighting the most important person there.

Use the Ads from Facebook

Another important point is the ads those are coming of facebook. You can easily get huge traffic if you can target those. By selecting your location and language you can do the same.  By doing this you can target a certain geographic area and also can minimise your cost.

Short Survey Page on Facebook

Creating surveys is the most important option that is provided by facebook. You can create a survey on your product and put the link to a certain no of profiles and you will get a huge no of people watching your product. If you can make this more funny and interesting and by facebook share this consumer mass will increase definitely. Also many other ways are there like it which you can target as part of your marketing strategy. On facebook you will find many other ways as well.

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  • Soumya Ghosh

    Nice article but I feel like the applications of twitter were completely overlooked. You can use tools like Klout or Twtrland to find and connect with influencers in your industry. Or join conversations about your industry (look for hashtags) and establish yourself as industry expert. Lots of cool things can be done using twitter. Hope this helps.

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