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"Content is NOT king – seeding and promotion of said content is king." Brian Chappell

Social Media Marketing

Bangalore Social Media is a cutting edge full service online marketing company with its primary focus on developing brand awareness, lead generation, and new client acquisition.

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Reputation Management Services

Our innovative approaches protect business owners against false, malicious and negative publicity online.

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Content Marketing

Bangalore Social media’s ground-breaking content marketing strategies ensure higher page ranks and better visibility online.

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Latest Blog

Political campaign strategies India

A good political campaign strategy India should be planned in such a way as per the changing political environment to maximize its effectiveness. The campaign should have clear-cut goal, objective, responsibilities and observable time limits. Political campaign strategy should...

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Political campaign ideas India

Political campaigning is much like product marketing where you build up the brand image of a candidate or his party. The channels used for political campaign is the same as the channels used for product marketing. With more and...

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How Long Will Reputation Management Take?

Online reputation management is a tactical process done with intent to influence a business or individuals online reputation. It involves search engine optimization strategy to respond to negative posts and complaints and asking webmasters to delete incorrect information. Search...

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