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Political campaign strategies India

A good political campaign strategy India should be planned in such a way as per the changing political environment to maximize its effectiveness. The campaign should have clear-cut goal, objective, responsibilities and observable time limits. Political campaign strategy should be the pathway to an election victory by understanding who all will cast their vote for […]

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Political campaign ideas India

Political campaigning is much like product marketing where you build up the brand image of a candidate or his party. The channels used for political campaign is the same as the channels used for product marketing. With more and more online channels emerging as the motivating factor multi-channel campaigning has become the core issue in

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Facebook Marketing Help in India

Remember that Facebook can help you reach all the people who matter most to your business. To use Facebook to help your business grow, you must learn certain fundamentals that will set you up for success. You can also focus your Facebook marketing activity to meet specific business goals. • First set up your Facebook

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Social Media Branding India

Thanks to social media, the way organizations in India interact with their customers have changed forever. Top brands are getting massive responses through social media and internet companies are watching with awe on how they are pulling it off. Social media marketing has helped brands to increase their popularity by boosting their website presence and

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Business India

  Social media platforms are constantly evolving and to market there and control it needs consistent guessing, measuring and adjustments in the marketing campaigns. When it comes to Facebook marketing this is true due to its elusive, ever-changing and mysterious algorithms. Facebook marketing experts are constantly researching this massive platform and some of the recent

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Facebook Marketing Ideas for Business India

Facebook marketing with proper planning, budgeting, scheduling and consistency is a massive social media resource to build lasting relationship between your brand and the customers. For most of the businesses Facebook marketing has proved exceptionally well whereas for some businesses with high expectation it was totally disappointing. The basic idea of Facebook marketing is to

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Social Media Virtual Assistant India

When it comes to running a business efficiently in today’s marketplace, you better team up with a virtual assistant to help you manage the various aspects of your business. You can work with virtual staff to help you manage your blog, as well as marketing your blog, participating in social media and handling emails for

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Facebook Marketing Ideas India

It can be said without fear of contradiction that Facebook continues to be the most powerful social network on the planet with nearly 800 million active users. Businesses can ill-afford to ignore Facebook as part of their social media marketing strategy. It should be your endeavor to lift your Facebook marketing to a new level

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Social media for restaurants India

Social media becoming an integral part of our daily life and businesses including restaurants have realized the importance of using social media to increase their sales and brand reputation. Restaurant owners should use social media to increase exposure and community building, but they find it difficult to implement a strategy because of lack of knowledge.

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Facebook Marketing Plan India

Businesses after creating a facebook profile are still confused as to how to reap benefits using their facebook page because they do not have a concrete facebook marketing plan. So Business are looking for a marketing plan which is easy to implement and at the same time generate more followers, leads and increase sales through

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