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Political campaign ideas India

Political campaigning is much like product marketing where you build up the brand image of a candidate or his party. The channels used for political campaign is the same as the channels used for product marketing. With more and more online channels emerging as the motivating factor multi-channel campaigning has become the core issue in […]

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How to push bad images from Google search

All it takes for an online user is a few keystrokes and in a flash an annoyed friend or sadistic user can slur your reputation online by posting bad images of you, which you had forgotten and believed it does not exist. The internet is one place where if anything is posted stays there forever.

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Integrated online marketing services in India

It is seen that most of the business houses run their online marketing campaign in an isolated way by concentrating in one or two platforms without considering integrating their marketing efforts in multiple platforms to gain maximum potential. Since successful search engine optimization cannot be achieved using the standalone channel, it should be implemented by

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