How to Choose the Best Social Media Site to Market Your Business

How to Choose the Best Social Media Site to Market Your Business

The answer to this question is rather simple. From amongst the plethora of social media sites choose the ones where your existing and prospective customers proliferate. If you choose the right channels that align with your audience you will find social media marketing hugely rewarding.

There is value in social media, but you need to manage the amount of time you are required to invest in them.

Choose your social media sites wisely. It is essential that you select the best social media sites for your content marketing efforts to make the most of the social media time at your disposal.

You should research a bit to identify the sites where your potential or existing customers are present and the type of content they will be attracted to. Then, to narrow the social media playing field, you will need to decide in which networks they are most likely to congregate.

Facebook may be right for your businessif you are building a community presence or want to reach as broad a network as possible. Please know that more than 71 percent of online adults actively participating in Facebook and Facebook continues to be the most popular social media site thus far.  In short, your SMM efforts will be incomplete without your business being present on Facebook.

You business has to be present on LinkedIn as it is arguably the most business-oriented social media site. LinkedIn is trying to broaden the scope of its features and given the high income and education levels of the average LinkedIn user, the site offers a distinct audience worth targeting with the right message.

Pinterest should be your choiceif you are in a highly visual industry with customers who will be naturally inclined to express themselves through images. However it can also work in certain select areas that you might not consider visual. Your audience is likely to collect images that will inform their product or service buying decisions. If you can inspire and inform the audience on Pinterest you can create real engagement.

You cannot avoid being present on Ttwitter. Twitter is right for you if you want to reach both men and women of all shades and hues. If your business lends itself to providing topic-based news or timely insights, Twitter is a fabulous choice. Twitter is more dynamic platform when you respond to and engage with followers.

Instagram is suitable for youif you have a visual aspect to what you do and what your customers are interested in.

Google+ is more formal and professional than Facebook; Hashtags have major search value. Google+ is Google’s proposed alternative to Facebook – keywords and search engine optimization are central to the appeal of Google+.

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