Integrated online marketing services in India

Integrated online marketing services in India

It is seen that most of the business houses run their online marketing campaign in an isolated way by concentrating in one or two platforms without considering integrating their marketing efforts in multiple platforms to gain maximum potential.

Since successful search engine optimization cannot be achieved using the standalone channel, it should be implemented by combining overall online and offline marketing strategy.

Integrated online marketing services in India are experts in integrating different skills, which can achieve something truly outstanding. Integrated online marketing is a combination of search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay per click marketing which when combined online and offline becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Search engine optimization efforts provide competitive research, keyword research, on-page optimization, landing pages, technical SEO, site structure, and backlinks.

Social media marketing efforts provides research, micro-audiences, brand voice, communities, influencers and social platforms whereas pay per click efforts provides research, ad copy writing, competitive research, split testing of ads and landing pages and conversion optimization.

Integrated online marketing services in India while implementing integrating strategy ensure that goals, voice and messaging are consistent throughout the entire marketing campaign. Some of the benefits of integrated online marketing are as follows.

• Social media research and competitive research of search engine optimization have many things in common and when you add pay per click competitive analysis, you get a broader comprehensive picture of the landscape.
• Blogs play a significant role in social media marketing and search engine optimization and when you add pay per click ads in the blog, posts the results are tremendous.
• When you engage with social media and SEO images and videos becomes excellent tools, which in turn enhance the pay per click ads.
• All three platforms are useful for sales promotions and give maximum exposure.
• Keyword research is always integrated with social media marketing. It helps to find and understand the influencers, micro-audiences, and communities.
• Landing pages can be used for all three strategies and split testing and optimization of conversion rate enhances the performance of all three tools.
• Social media marketing and search engine optimization helps to build a good relationship with the customers, which can yield good editorial links to your website.

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