Managing Corporate Online Reputation in the Digital Age

 Managing Corporate Online Reputation in the Digital Age

Internet is no doubt an extraordinary boon to the corporate world but managing corporate online reputation continues to be an intimidating challenge.

Corporate must learn to preserve and protect their online reputation as you can ill-afford to risk your reputation built painstakingly over the years.

Reviewers are using increasingly imaginative ways to highlight issues and mobilize opinion. The nature of internet is such that anyone can now broadcast their views instantly and reach a wide audience

Consumers and other opinion-makers are using blogs, micro-blogs and other social media as core tools to follow news and trends. Pieces of disinformation can quickly spread like wild fire.

Having long believed they were no reputation issues, many corporate suddenly feel they are less able than ever to manage their online reputations and influence the behavior of consumers.

The principal issues impacting corporate reputation are many. You will have to promptly quash any bad review before it assumes unmanageable dimensions. You must handle all reputation issues publicly and transparently so that people are aware you respect their feelings.

Corporate must develop a sense of responsibility and be aware they are accountable to their consumers. The attitude towards handling reviews – both positive as well as negative – should be thoroughly professional.

Your company ethos and management philosophy must be consistently reflected in the manner you deal with online reputation issues. You must be ever in a state of readiness to tackle all likely reputation crises – without waiting for a crisis to occur.

Corporate must train their employees to make decisions quickly and encourage internal and external knowledge sharing. Corporate must be ever vigilant and make necessary organizational changes to be able to adapt to the new mindset.

All corporate employees must be taught to listen closely, and quickly identify all mentions about their company in the internet. They should thereafter be empowered to deal with both positive and negative reviews suitably.

Each employee must be made to realize that it takes years to build a good reputation, but a couple of seconds to damage it – at times even irreparably. The internet has come to stay and wit it all its advantages and demerits.

The word of mouth opinions generated on the Internet each and every day is enormous and it also is clear that you have no control over what people say. Take all precautionary measures needed to safeguard your online reputation as tomorrow will be too late.

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