Online Reputation Management for C-Level Executives

Online Reputation Management for C-Level Executives

Online reputation management of any business is the collective responsibility f all the employees and not the sole concern of the business owner.

So, it is not merely the company that needs an effective online profile, but also the executives serving the business organizations – particularly the C-Level executives.

If there is an online reputation management crisis, it should not be any one individual employee who is responsible. It worthwhile to train all C-Level executives how to preserve and protect the company’s online reputation.

If all C-Level executives are busy, then create a team of few C-Level executives and entrust them wit the full-time job of protecting the company’s online reputation.

Protecting online reputation calls for constant vigil and the C-Level executives must monitor all mentions of your brand on the internet and social media.

Search for your brand name/product name and monitor for all mentions of that name and variations of the name. You can either buy a paid tool or you can use free tools such as Google Advanced Search, Social Mention and Talkwalker Alerts.  If you can afford, opt for some paid tools which can simplify things, including Trackur and Sprout Social.

It is suggested that you make it a point to double check the actual text of all mentions for accuracy since automated alerts may not be wholly reliable. For the sake of convenience, you can have all the alerts delivered to your email or subscribe to the RSS feeds.

Once you find the mentions of you in articles, blogs and social networks, ask your C-Level executives to act quickly. Your executives must be told never to ignore any reviews – be they positive or negative.

The C-Level executives must thank the person/s that post positive reviews. They should likewise contact the person/s that post negative reviews and redress their grievances.

If the complaint is serious and genuine, the C-Level executives must be empowered to tender a public apology on behalf of the organization. To assuage the ill-feelings of a complainant, the executive may also be empowered to offer special discount or some similar packages/ freebies.

All the C-Level executives in charge of managing the company’s online reputation must be aware of the company’s business objectives and management philosophy and they should be trained properly in customer relationship management.

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