Social media for restaurants India

Social media for restaurants India

Social media becoming an integral part of our daily life and businesses including restaurants have realized the importance of using social media to increase their sales and brand reputation.

Restaurant owners should use social media to increase exposure and community building, but they find it difficult to implement a strategy because of lack of knowledge. Some of the social media strategies for restaurants are as follows.

Post attractive contents in social media platforms like facebook and twitter and connect with the community. Offer content highlighting details about your restaurant, area, team, special dishes, free recipes, interesting menu items, loyalty programs, discount offers so that there is steady stream of customers and likes which in turn will increase the visibility.

Tempt your customers with lip smacking recipes and photos in social media platforms like twitter and Instagram and post updates about new menu items and promotional offers.

Carve out a theme for your restaurants and make it as your niche and encourage check-in in social media platforms and four squares by offering promotional offers. Since social media is a platform where authentic information is shared in real-time, a check-in or a review from a friend carries considerable credibility.

Make your menu easily assessable in social media pages by dedicating a tab so that visitor can quickly find it. Request for feedback from customers and when they respond interact with them so that loyalty and trust is buildup. Carefully watch all social media platforms, blogs and forums and listen to what people are saying about your restaurant.

Images speak better than text posts and have the ability to reach out to more customers. Create contests and deals which will attract them and prompt them to sign up. Offer discount coupons for joining your email list and host a random lucky draw for people who enter the restaurant.

This approach can help in gaining short term and long term marketing goals. The marketing strategy should be consistent across all social media platforms, and you should know your customers well before communicating with them and the tone of your campaign should be prepared based on this. The customers should feel that the chef is directly talking to them.

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