How to Start Influencer Conversations on Twitter

How to Start Influencer Conversations on Twitter 

It is said that ‘Twitter is the networker’s social network’. This simply means you should identify and connect with influencers in your niche.

Many complain and t is true that Twitter is a noisy platform. Thus, if you wish to get noticed on Twitter, it is a challenge to stand out from the crowd.

To succeed on Twitter, you have to be a go-getter. Be proactive – instead of waiting for people to come talk to you, reach out and talk to them instead.

If you reach out and talk to people, you’ll have a fabulous time on Twitter – you’ll help others have a fabulous time, too.

On Twitter, the successful way to talk to people is to tag them with using @username. Lately, Twitter has also added the option of tagging people in photos.

Like beginning an influencer conversation, tagging people can be a little tense. But there are ways you can overcome the initial nervousness.

The best solution would be to drop an innocent note to the influencers to say ‘Hi’. This is the easiest way to get a conversation with an influencer started. The person you’re targeting might as well reply, in which case you’ve started a conversation.

Even assuming you don’t hear back from the influencers, you’ve identified yourself as someone who’s willing to engage in conversation. You’ve also put yourself on their radar, so the next time you talk to them, they’re more likely to respond.

Scroll through the recent tweets of influencers (don’t go too far back in time, or you’ll look like a creep), find a few that are interesting and post reply.

One sure shot way is to post photos. If you get the opportunity to meet them in person, make sure to get a photo together. Then you can upload the photo to Twitter and tag them. That’s a most effective method of strengthening your relationship.

Even if do not get the chance for a photo opportunity, you can use a different strategy. Share the cover image of a book they’ve written, tag them in the image, and say that you enjoyed reading the book.

This method will surely work as all of us are proud of the things we have created. So when you have identified some influencer you want to connect with, search for a blog post they’ve written, a photo they’ve taken, or a video they produced.  Then share it. Do not forget to say thank you and what you enjoyed about it.

Alternately, you can write a blog post about an influencer after you have identified him/her. This strategy could be very powerful though time-consuming.  Te blog post could pertain to an award they have won or a collection of their quotes or an anecdote about what has happened in their lives.

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