Twitter Marketing: How to Build Influence with Twitter

Twitter Marketing: How to Build Influence with Twitter

The present trend with most businesses is to go after Twitter as a main tool (next to Facebook) for their social media and marketing needs. Twitter has a lot to offer to business houses.

Twitter can be a tremendous resource for your business once you fully understand and properly utilize all of its functionality. By using Twitter’s advanced search function, businesses can do their market research and be able to reach more of their ideal customers.

Please know that the grossly underused “Twitter Lists” enables you to organize Twitter in a manner that you can check whenever you like to see what’s going on and what people are talking about. When it comes to advertising, Twitter is not only very affordable, but it also provides a truly unique feature that is not offered by any other social media channel.

There are several business owners that have undoubtedly created substantial, tangible business benefits through the use of Twitter. The strategy is very simple and could as well work for anybody.

Put in special efforts to build targeted connections. What will truly matter is the number of followers you have on Twitter. If you invest time into Twitter, but nobody is there to listen and respond, it is purposeless and a colossal waste of time. But, you need a critical mass of at least 300-400 followers before Twitter becomes interesting and rewarding.

The more relevant, targeted connections you have, the greater the chances that a meaningful number of people are going to relate to you. Populate your community with lots and lots of eligible business connections. There are lots of ways you can achieve this.

Remember that Blogging and Twitter fit like a hand in a glove. Of course, the people who come to read your blog are interested in you, so they are natural Twitter followers. For most people, Twitter connections come through their blogs.

Do a search for people and subjects that are related to your business interests. Or look for lists created by people in your industry or even your competitors. Follow those people and that could be the key to your success on Twitter.

Make it a point to participate in Twitter chats related to your business interests. Twellow is the “yellow pages” of Twitter, and you can find many remarkable people by industry, interest and geographic location.
Twitter search is important. Search for keywords related to your business interests. Those people showing up probably share your interests. Follow them closely as well.

Provide meaningful and interesting content. The key to turning a faceless follower into a real business relationship is by providing compelling content that means something to them.

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