Twitter Marketing: How to Drive Business with Promoted Tweets

Twitter Marketing: How to Drive Business with Promoted Tweets

The heartening news is Twitter now offers multiple ways to create a following, drive traffic and make conversions to your site, install applications, gain leads, or promote specific tweets.

Of course, promoted Tweets continue to pop up in on Twitter and in native Twitter applications. Your business should obviously be exploiting Twitter’s best practices. If you are paying to promote a Tweet, there are specific things that you can do to improve the click-through rate of the promoted Tweets.

You may be aware that the interface for Promoted Tweets enable the user to describe his/her campaign, determine the dates of the Tweet promotion, and select your target audience.

There are few optimization steps you can take when promoting Tweets to bolster engagement. It is a fact that shorter tweets perform better and adding hashtags, mentions, links, photos and videos drive lot more engagement. Difficult to believe but simply adding an exclamation mark will increase your promoted Tweet engagement by 45%!

It is known to all that Twitter has over 500 million active users. As part of your online branding, your business should be here. You must be using promoted tweets, accounts and trends for your business to succeed on Twitter.

Here are some invaluable tips to boost your brand using promoted tweets:
• Promote interesting and informative content
• It will be great if you can focus on events
• Stretch your budget to maximum limits
• Own the Hashtag
• Promote Tweets that are worthy of being shared

Make your content interesting, inspirational and engaging. Remember, a Promoted Tweet is only the beginning of a long engagement conversation. You’ll have to continue tweeting fabulous, shareable content via both regular and Promoted Tweets.

Twitter recommends using up to six tweets in a rotation for your Promoted Tweet campaigns – all aimed at one specific landing page.
Promoted Tweets are a remarkable way to introduce a new hashtag you intend to use either for an event, new product or new brand campaign. Use the new hashtag in all your Promoted Tweets.

Target your Promoted Tweets to an area where your demographic lives. Start by targeting traffic that’s less specific so you aren’t wasting your money on people who won’t buy.

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