How to use social media as a customer support tool

How to use social media as a customer support tool

Apart from traditional marketing methods today the social media is a remarkable tool for customer service and support. The many social media sites offer a unique platform for immediate responses to customer questions, announcing sales or promotions, launching new products and connecting with a community of customers.

Notwithstanding, social media channels can also highlight your problems and cause you strain.

It is your responsibility to obtain maximum benefits from social media and not become a victim of social media notoriety. You must learn to use social media to cultivate relationships and solve problems constructively. Social media is ideal for responding to customers who have specific problem or question.

Please know that more than 30% of customers complaining about social media expect a response within an hour, and 40% expect a response within a few hours. Do not let the customer wait impatiently while you search for an answer – at least reply right away and let the customer know you are investigating the complaint.

When there is a larger problem with a product or service, social media can help diffuse customer concerns, report user feedback, and communicate updates.

Please know that customers appreciate frequent updates when trouble arises, so provide progress reports, express thankfulness for their patience, and share what steps you’re taking to make sure the problem does not recur. All these steps will help assure customers that you are committed to solving issues promptly, and establish you as a business that cares for its customers.

Needless to say, social media are a fabulous opportunity to share success stories of resolved customer problems and send reminders about upcoming events that might be of interest to customers. Social media are a great way to correct misinformation or help customers asking general questions and establishing you as an industry leader.

The ability to reach millions of users almost instantly gives social media a lot of potential as a support tool. If you adopt the right strategy, you could quickly see a more engaged and loyal user base.

Social media are not just a remarkable tool to grow your brand identity and connect with customers; it is also one of the most effective tools for customer service. Customers on social media expect a two-way engagement and more responses from business houses than ever before. Customers also want to be heard, and follow-up action taken.

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