How to Become a LinkedIn Power User?

How to Become a LinkedIn Power User?

LinkedIn is the most widely sought-after business-oriented social network having more than a whopping 270 million users. It is not clear whether you are fully exploiting this social media site and qualify to be called a LinkedIn power user.

To those less familiar, LinkedIn has evolved from an online resume to a major content platform. LinkedIn is the unanimous choice for social networking among business professionals. Here are some effective steps to power up with LinkedIn:

Your first task is to optimize your profile. What makes LinkedIn so powerful is that both individuals and companies have their own unique objectives. As individuals, it is our profile and for businesses, it’s the company page.

Be sure to have a recent strikingly captivating photo. Use keywords in your headline that represent your professional specialty. Complete the summary in an easy to read and user-friendly manner.

Schedule minimum 10 to 15 minutes per day to review your news feed to be up to date with your LinkedIn network. It is a fabulous experience to find articles that others in your network have shared. Never miss any opportunity to engage with people in your news feed by liking or commenting on their status updates.

Make it a point to create status updates. The easiest way to power up with status updates is to share links to articles that are relevant to your professional interests.

Remember that LinkedIn is available for mobile users on smartphones as also tablet devices. People use LinkedIn mobile 7 days a week even while moving about.

To become a LinkedIn power user, you must identify and engage with influencers. Please know that the LinkedIn Professional Publishing Platform is available only to an exclusive list of approximately 500 business influencers who publish unique content there.

You can obtain invaluable insights and expand your own network by engaging with people who engage with these influencers.

Many may not be aware that Pulse is a news aggregator application which has been acquired by LinkedIn. Pulse is available on LinkedIn desktop as well as mobile. You can customize the content you want to see.

People obviously see your activity on LinkedIn and form impressions of you by what you share and what you say. Ponder over how you want people to think of you as a professional.

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