Facebook Marketing Ideas for Business India

Facebook Marketing Ideas for Business India

Facebook marketing with proper planning, budgeting, scheduling and consistency is a massive social media resource to build lasting relationship between your brand and the customers. For most of the businesses Facebook marketing has proved exceptionally well whereas for some businesses with high expectation it was totally disappointing.

The basic idea of Facebook marketing is to build a brand page, post relevant updates and get the customers to share theses posts. Facebook has also provided various new features for you to work with so that you stay a step ahead of the competition by using these features to your advantage. Some of the effective Facebook marketing ideas to bring in maximum traffic to your site are as follows.

Your cover photo in your Facebook page is your free advertisement banner. So creating an attractive cover photo and displaying it is the first step in Facebook marketing. If the cover photo is appealing your customers will click on it and will like your page.

Some of the reasons customers like your cover photo are because their friends liked it or the attractive free offers displayed in the photos. They may also click on it if it a local business or if there is picture of a celebrity whom they like.

Create unique contents which will grab the attention of your customers and compel them to share it among their network of friends. The contents should be such that it contains information which your customers are not aware or information which they already know but put in a different manner.

The posts will be shared if it contains funny and inspirational images with quotes or text messages about freebies, discounts and celebrity endorsements about your brand.

Interact with the customers and encourage them to give their feedbacks about the products. Answer their queries even if it is negative in a proactive way so that they feel as if they are talking to somebody legitimate in the company.

Reward your customers who tag themselves in your photos because when they tag themselves it gets displayed on their walls which increase exposure. Facebook marketing is a great way to measure and improve the customer base.

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