Online Brand Reputation Monitoring and Management India

Online Brand Reputation Monitoring and Management India

Online brand reputation monitoring and management has become an inevitable part of businesses in the new online scenario. Before the advent of the internet customer used to talk about brands and the companies were not even aware what is being said but today most of these conservation are wide open for everybody to see.

These conversations are being done with or without the consent of the companies and these companies can either be observers or participants. If the companies act just as observers then the chances of negative conversations impacting your brand is very high. The discussions happening in the internet is like a forest fire which spreads very fast and can create havoc on the brand reputation of a company.

Some of the tools that can be used for online brand reputation monitoring and management after setting up a website, blogs and social media profiles are as follows.

Subscribe to Google alerts so that you get the latest alerts of blog posts, news articles, social media posts, videos and community posts. It will also alert you if there are any mentions of your brand and company name anywhere in the web.

Register yourself in Technorati which is the largest blog search engine in the world so that you get the latest blog reactions from blogs linked to your site. Use these reactions to find out the influencers who are commenting on blogs and interact with him proactively.

Along with blogs and news feeds, discussion boards are another channel where people gather in community forums and talk about your brand. Use appropriates tools like to get instant alerts from threads citing your company name or brand.

Comments on twitter if not responded in time can move like lightning and spread like virus. You can use twitter search to locate the mentions of your name and tweet back if necessary. Social media search engine provides details of user generated social mentions such as blogs, bookmarks, comments, news, events, videos and micro blogging.

You can track mentions about your brand from top social media platforms by subscribing to RSS feeds and emails. Most of the companies overlook a strong network when it comes to online brand reputation monitoring and management without realising that a good network provides important updates especially from people related to your industry who use the same keywords.

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