Pushing Negative News Stories Off Page One Of Google

Pushing Negative News Stories Off Page One Of Google

Internet is one place where if something goes in stays there forever. Negative online news stories from local newspapers and television channels become a permanent record unlike the print media, which gets stale after some time.

Negative news stories from online print media and online visual medias usually rank high in Google search results when users Google your name. Even old news, which you had forgotten, can resurface in search results.

Getting rid of these negative news stories from the first page of Google search results is a daunting task, which needs the expertise of a reputed online reputation management company. Some of the strategies these firms use to push down negative news stories from page one of Google search results are as follows.

• Since contents in social media platforms consistently appear high in search results in Google, these firms will create and manage social media profiles in all platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ and so on. They will post positive contents in all these platforms so that the negative news stories are suppressed to back pages.

• Experts from these firms will help you to comment publicly using your real name in news article sites, forums, blogs and social media sites so that the users gets a personalized feeling. When more users read this, the ranking of your site goes up in the search results which in turn pushes the negative news stories to the back pages.

• They will also help you to interlink your different sites so that the contents rise in the rankings. Google determines the sites are ranking after analyzing how many different sites are linked to your website. When you use your different accounts to interact with users, they will use the link to visit your site thereby increasing traffic.

•When you see positive comments from users, these firms will engage with them in a proactive way, thank them, and link these positive comments to your other profiles. They will also help you to clean up your old pages, which are the source of negative news and consistently post new contents and at the same time cut the links of your old pages so that users never get a chance to see to see them.

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