Social media for celebrities India

Social media for celebrities India

Being a celebrity in India means the whole country and the world are watching you and paparazzi keep a hawk’s eyes on everything a celebrity does. So it becomes necessary for a celebrity to control their offline and online reputation through social media and make every effort to keep the fans happy so that they support you in case something negative comments creep up in digital platforms.

In order to do these celebrities have to make their social media page fan friendly and let the fans know that you are their star? Some of the social media strategies which can be implemented by celebrities are as follows;

Instead of acting from a distance celebrities, should become part of the profile page so that your fans love you and feel like a part of your extended family. Create a bond with your fans by communicating with them and share your feeling. Update them with all the latest happening in your life and share pictures so that you humanize your profile page.

Reply to your fans in a proactive way when your fans comment on your posts so that they are loyal to you.

Apart from the news feed distribution, you should send targeted updates to your fans that are connected to you with the latest news, promotions and appearances in a particular location. You can use the target is update tab in your invitation page that will make your fans go crazy about your event. Being a star you have to advertise yourself in social media.

You should flaunt your clothing line by updating events about your brand you wear and ensure that the brand website is shown on your page. Link your blogs to your profile page using RSS features so that your fan get a direct touch to you which give a real time effect to them.

Besides communicating with your fans, conduct a poll for them to find out which of your movies, performance or songs they consider it as the best or something like how they like the dress you wore for a particular scene. The fans will be so crazy to give their opinions that you will become lovable to them.

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