How to develop your business on social media

How to develop your business on social media

A stage has come that if you are not using social media to promote your products, your business will shrink and eventually fade away. Occasionally posting on Facebook and tweeting will not suffice to grow your business.

There is no doubt that social media can help increase your company’s profile and brand awareness, but businesses need to know how to use social media to optimize its benefits.

Engage your audience by developing a consistent message across all your different social media platforms – tailor each comment to the relevant audience. Remember a post on LinkedIn might not work as effectively on Facebook or Twitter. Think about your audience and make sure you are talking the right language.

Social media is all about talking to a community about they are interested in. Your success lies in taking active part by joining in the conversation. Find out what people are talking about in your business segment and you can initiate a discussion or ask a thought-provoking question.

Either becoming part of the debate or starting a new one can help you engage with people that eventually might become your customers or help you grow your business.

As a business owner, your comments on social media are aimed at your potential clients – so do not talk to them like they are your friends. Remember all of them will not be interested in your personal life, so abstain from sharing too many personal details.

Unless the content you provide is interesting and informative, you will turn followers off instead of building a community. Make sure you are offering them relevant content that has value to them. This is the best way to build and maintain your social media base.

One of the key advantages of social media is you can reach out to influencers and people you might never be otherwise able to befriend. Noted personalities and celebrities who can endorse your brand can be accessible at a click of a button – it is up to you to exploit the social media connections.

Use social media effectively to highlight your brand, to these relevant celebrities by using their Twitter handle or connecting with them on Linkedin.

Contact those that might have written an interesting article within your industry. Often this will lead to a retweet or a like on Facebook that will reach out to their network.

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