Online reputation management – do it yourself India

Online reputation management - do it yourself India

The Internet can be as helpful as harmful, and you have to be always for this reason monitoring the internet to protect and preserve your online reputation. Anyone can post something nasty about you on the web at any time, and unless you are vigilant, your online reputation can be severely ruined.

Finding new employment, fresh romance and worthy friends can become a fiasco if you are smeared online. It is for someone to destroy your fair name, and it will be hard to get it back.

With the Internet, untruths, half-truths, outright lies, exaggerations are easy to spread. And in today’s age the Internet has become a place where the attackers have gained the upper hand, and the victims are disadvantaged. But you don’t need to feel powerless or panicky any longer.

If you know how to type in the web address, you can easily repair, and effectively monitor your online reputation. There is no need for any new software to buy or computer languages to learn. You have to eliminate or bury all adverse mentions about you off Google and other search engines.

Anybody can repair an online reputation using some simple, step-by-step measures. It requires no programming or web development experience.

Make the search engines show what you want them to display about you. Suppress Adverse information on search engines results – relegating them to 4th or still lower pages or if possible, remove the unfavorable information entirely from search engine results. Your reputation is in your hands – and more precisely, at your fingertips.

Search engines and the Internet have drastically changed our world in ways few could have anticipated. Most of these changes, however, have been extremely positive. But, some of the changes occurring as a result of the internet are not so positive.

Much of what you do now is captured and shared digitally, and this is commonly referred to as your digital footprint. This information is accessible for all to see. Obviously, there is both good and bad that gets reflected in your digital footprint.

Some spiteful individuals will take it too far, and will post false or just embarrassing information or even videos about you. In all such cases, you will have to minimize the visibility of this adverse information without having to resort to spending thousands to hire a professional reputation management firm.

Send the person or company who posted the negative piece a courteous email, explain your situation, and ask if they’d consider removing the adverse info.

Legal action is welcome, although only in dire circumstances (if the post is intentionally malicious) as it can have the opposite effect to that desired. If the negative listing cannot be removed, it must be pushed lower in the search results.

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