Online reputation rating India

Online reputation rating India

Business enterprises are increasingly turning to online reputation management services in an attempt to bury negative reviews posted on social media and review websites.

There are several Online Reputation Management (ORM) agencies that promise to erase a business’s negative reviews on different sites but critics are questioning their tactics and effectiveness.

Amusingly, the online reputation management industry is now facing reputation problems of its own.

Constantly monitor social media and review sites. Don’t overreact to negative comments. If an adverse review shows up three or four pages into an online search, it’s not a serious problem.

Request all your happy customers to post their experience in review sites. Happy customers are often less inclined to post reviews. It is the disgruntled customers that post bad reviews.

Sedulously follow up on all complaints: Rather than becoming overly defensive, read what unhappy customers are saying and make changes if necessary.

Some of the ORM services make bold and impractical promises. These ORM agencies offer 100% guarantees to eliminate negative comments and bad reviews.

Some agencies that are more pragmatic assure clients that they will create a level playing field by inundating the internet with positive stories.

Some ORM services falsely claim that they can remove bad reviews on business review sites. Yelp posted a statement on its small-business blog warning about the number of agency reports claiming they would delete negative reviews. Some agencies also claim to boost your ratings for a fee.

Angie Hicks, the co-founder of Angie’s List, a business review site that posts more than 40,000 customer reviews every month, also says bad reviews can’t simply be wiped from the site.

Any request to remove a bad review triggers an investigation, which includes contacting the user who posted the review. Trying to bury a complaint with positive reviews won’t work either.

Review sites merely note down all questions about the legitimacy of a review. Online-reputation companies generally try to bury bad reviews by boosting the search rankings of more positive information about a company. They publish a series of online releases filled with positive news about the business and creating micro-Websites about a business’s products as a means to divert online negative reviews.

Google says on its official blog that businesses can minimize the visibility of negative content about them by “proactively publishing useful, positive information.”

Many ORM agencies use high-pressure sales tactics and make promises they cannot possibly deliver and that complaints about them are rising steadily.

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