Online reputation repair management India

Online reputation repair management India

Today it is the Internet that creates the new first impression. People seldom ask for references and instead they search Google and other search engines. Negative search results damage your reputation with just a click of a mouse. A damaged reputation will drive your clients to your competitors. Thus, your foremost task is to protect and preserve your online reputation.

Online reputation repair management controls everything about you or your business online -including websites, blog posts, social media, and images. A sound online reputation – promptly repaired – shows that you are an expert in your field, and this means more site traffic and more sales.

There are several businesses have some negative things being said about them online. There are inimical competitors or disgruntled past employees that conspire to create a reputation nightmare that takes years to resolve and crippled all sales efforts.

You must take timely steps if your online reputation has been damaged, whether by others or your own mistakes. This is why online reputation repair management assumes crucial importance.

You must be proactive and upfront in tackling online reputation problems. It is a grim fact any sane employer/customer/prospective date will Google you the minute they’re serious about doing business with you.

It’s far better to openly reveal all information about you – rather than wait for them to discover the negative information about you. Let them straightaway know what the truth is, and what you’re doing to respond to it. A stitch in time saves nine.

If the negative information appearing about you online is true, there is no harm in apologizing. After all, you’re responsible for your genuine mistakes. A central tenet of crisis communications is to apologize as quickly as possible, so you don’t inflame your friends and fans by appearing clueless or defiant.

You should be prepared to pay the price for your careless, dumb behavior in the multi-platform media world.

The permanence of the web creates an intimidating challenge. Once negative information is put on the internet, it’s painfully hard to remove. If you’ve created the silly content (a thoughtless tweet, a tasteless YouTube video) you can delete it and — eventually — it will be removed from the caches of Google and other search engines.

If you don’t control the content, all you can really do is to ask the person who posted it to remove it. This could be polite or you may need to enlist a lawyer if someone is intentionally defaming you and refuse to delete.

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