How to Effectively Use Twitter Lists for Marketing

How to Effectively Use Twitter Lists for Marketing

Twitter is arguably one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world. The social network has, till now, reportedly accumulated a whopping 646,000,000 members in their database. Thus, on Twitter, you have a host of prospective customers to interact with and market to, and the number is steadily growing.

To those less familiar, a Twitter list is a personalized group of twitter users that is exclusive to just those users. You have the option as well as the opportunity to start your own lists or join some appropriate existing lists built by other Twitter users.

You can thereafter view a specialized timeline of updates from only those exclusive members of the list you have either created /joined. But this feature is intended for reading tweets only and not for responding.

Please know that many businesses are a member of lists but strangely unaware how to use lists effectively to help their business grow and gain new customers.

Your business purchases from and is also patronizing many other service providers. Twitter is an easy way to keep track of their updates and discounts. Add all of the businesses you regularly purchase from to a list entitled “Suppliers”.

Compile a list of competitors. This way, you will be one step ahead of your competitors at all times. The plain truth is your business follows other industry leaders in your niche. Start a list entitled the business niche you are in and gain updated knowledge about your peers.

More importantly, compile a list of your customers. After purchasing from you, many customers will follow you on Twitter to ensure you stay relevant in their mind. Gather those customers together and create a list and call it “Customers”. This will show the customer you care about them.

The purpose of using Twitter lists is getting high quality followers; you can build followers in an organic way though it may take some time. If you haven’t already used Twitter lists, watch online videos to see how you can get started.

It is not required that you “follow” people on Twitter to include them in your lists. Secondly, you can have both public and private lists. Twitter lists are great to monitor and listen to different groups of people.

Rest assured that none can see your private lists and so you can create private lists to –   keep track of your competitors; carry out specific market research;    keep track of different customers etc.

A good Twitter list improves your visibility in your market. Twitter’s list feature can add some extra marketing power to your Twitter strategy if you take some time to get it right.  The right way to make your lists work for you will depend on your goals for Twitter, your audience and how they like to connect with you.

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