Facebook Marketing Plan India

Facebook Marketing Plan India

Businesses after creating a facebook profile are still confused as to how to reap benefits using their facebook page because they do not have a concrete facebook marketing plan. So Business are looking for a marketing plan which is easy to implement and at the same time generate more followers, leads and increase sales through Facebook.

Some of the strategies to create a facebook marketing plan which is essential for your business and cater to the needs of your customers are as follows.

In order to build trust and loyalty with your facebook fans you have to offer irresistible giveaway which will solve their problems and offers immense value. The contents in the giveaway should be so attractive so that your target audience in facebook is compelled to buy it.

Create a well designed lead capture page which will provide you with the name and email addresses of the followers in the giveaways so that your prospect base increases. The giveaway should act as your facebook ad and entice your followers to sign up for the irresistible offer.

In order to get maximum results and visibility create an unpublished page post in the power editor dash board and run it in the news feed.

The facebook ad should be shown only to your facebook users so that you are able to target the perfect prospect who is interested in your giveaways. Ensure that you only pay for leads who take a keen interest in your offers.

Once you get a clear picture about the lead and his interest to buy your product then it will become easy for you to pay to convert a lead into a customer. Check to see if your lead generation strategy is converting followers into leads using Conversion Tracking Tool on a daily basis so that you feel confident that your plan is producing the desired results.

Once the follower signs up after all your facebook marketing efforts create an email responder with more value and information and introduce them to the offer when the time is right. Email marketing strategy will make your prospect into a buying customer.

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