How to Get Targeted Leads From LinkedIn

How to Get Targeted Leads From LinkedIn Bangalore

LinkedIn is a social network primarily aimed at business professionals, and it has become a much sought-after network for business owners, job seekers, industry experts and much more.

LinkedIn boasts of 313 million members in over 200 countries, and professionals are joining LinkedIn at a rate of two new members per second. If you wish to obtain more leads and prospects for your business, you should consider LinkedIn organic outreach.

Go to to gain full access and select tab (top). Depending on your particular needs, LinkedIn Premium and Business Plus may be worthwhile places to start. In fact, you can also choose a background image for further branding and engagement.

Search for groups, and look for other existing members that you are connected with. It is wise to join groups in your respective markets and/or areas of common interest and opt for the right people you would wish to connect with. Once approved to participate, read posts and start connecting.

Think how your business would look if you received an ongoing flood of highly-targeted, industry-specific leads on a daily basis. You can achieve this intelligently using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a place on the internet that you could spend some dedicated time each week, and those highly-targeted leads would assuredly show up.

LinkedIn is the most powerful business networking site on the planet. Nearly 45% of LinkedIn users are business decision makers.
Be Specific as that is an essential ingredient to getting more leads on LinkedIn. You have to tell people who you are, who you help, and how you help them in the simplest terms.

Make it a point to customize your website section. You can add three links to your LinkedIn profile (that are hyperlinked).

Almost every LinkedIn profile is remarkably bland. If you want to separate yours from the other 80 million boring profiles, you should be creative. The best way to stand out is to add a video that automatically plays when people land on your profile.

If you wish more leads, you can just ask for them. When someone lands on your profile, you give them a call to action. Let them know in your summary or your video that you would love to connect on LinkedIn.

You can even carry forward the conversation offline and meet more people face to face. For this, create a business networking event in your local area and use the Events application to promote it.

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