Misconceptions CEOs Have About Search Marketing

Misconceptions CEOs Have About Search Marketing

Although businesses do realize the importance of search marketing, several CEOs still have a lot of misconceptions about search marketing. Many CEOs are yet to master the SEO practices.

This is entirely unsurprising particularly because CEOs are too busy attending to their core business activities with little or no time left to learn or practice SEO techniques.

However, SEO has always been extremely crucial for companies that want to remain competitive in organic search. The fact also remains that, the CEOs of many organizations are left working with outdated or even inaccurate SEO techniques.

Prior to Google’s changed algorithms, it was possible for business owners to achieve high rankings rather effortlessly. Mastering the search engines techniques has become quite complicated now. SEO calls for persistent endeavor and there are no ‘quick fixes’, and anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you.

SEO requires a long-term investment and every company needs to be ready to invest in the work of SEO over the long term, and there can be no escape. Frequently publishing interesting and informative content is just the first step. But the ongoing work of SEO means continually promoting that content, building social media channels, and promoting the overall brand by developing relationships with reputable websites and blogs.

A few years ago, having a single dedicated SEO person, department, or consultant was sufficient. The tasks of SEO were simple and could be carried out virtually in isolation, without the input from other departments.

Now, however, things have become more complicated, and SEO has become a company-wide endeavor. As content marketing and SEO become more and more inter-dependent, all departments – marketing and non-marketing – have to be involved in SEO implementation.

Every department has access to its on bits of information and not involving all departments in the keyword research process could mean missing out on a wealth of valuable information.

It is no exaggeration to say that content marketing has virtually replaced SEO, and it is impossible to succeed in your SEO efforts unless you are capable of producing unique quality content.

If you are producing incredible content now and abiding by Google’s best practice, your past indiscretions may not be harming you. In fact, the poor SEO practices from the past may not harm you if you have changed your ways. Also bear in mind that inbound links are the only way Google determines a site’s authority.

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